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    Haleeb na-gah~ Camel's Milk

    Camel's milk need not be boiled as much as cow or goat milk. Strong in flavour, it must be drunk slowly to allow the stomach to digest it accordingly.
    Usually served warm during the winter months, though these days more commonly chilled in the refrigerator during the summer, the milk can be turned into cream or butter.
    It is not drunk by expectant mothers for it is believed if they do, the women will remain pregnant for 12 months!

    6 cups fresh camel's milk
    sugar to taste
    1 teaspoon saffron
    1/2 teaspoon cardamom

    Pour milk and sugar into a pan and boil gently for two to three minutes. Add the saffron and cardamom and boil for a further three minutes. Transfer to a vacuum flask to keep warm until ready to drink.

    From the book "The Complete United Arab Emirates Cookbook"
    by Celia Ann Brock- Al Ansari
    Copyright © 1994 by Celia Ann Brock-Al Ansari

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