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    Fa-reed ~ Chicken with Bread

    Serves 6-8

    This is basically a dish served on its own, particularly during Ramadan. Indeed, it is made daily during the month of fasting for both fitr - the breaking of the fast - and su-hur, the morning meal before fasting begins.
    Very filling, it can be made with different meats, fish and vegetables. Traditionally eaten with the index and second fingers, it can also be scooped up with bread. Serve with fresh dates, sliced limes, radishes, jar-jeel - a green, locally grown herb - and buttermilk.

    1 portion chicken murraq or saloona
    10-12 ra-gagg bread dried out and tom into 3" to 4" (7.5-10cm) pieces.

    Arrange dried bread on platter, pour warmed saloona over bread; keep pouring until all the pieces are soggy. Arrange chicken pieces on top and serve hot.

    From the book "The Complete United Arab Emirates Cookbook"
    by Celia Ann Brock- Al Ansari
    Copyright © 1994 by Celia Ann Brock-Al Ansari

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