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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Muslims Boycotting Danish Products Over Offensive Cartoons Showing Prophet Mohammed (Peace Been Upon Him) (Link)

Boycotting Danish Products
Click above for larger image

Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassador to Denmark last week in protest of the Danish government's position on the publication of 12 caricatures of the Muslim prophet published in a Danish newspaper. Also Libya said yesterday it had decided to shut down its embassy in Denmark to protest against the Danish government’s silence about newspaper cartoons offensive to Islam. Egypt as well is considering recalling its Copenhagen envoy, Danish media quoted Egypt's ambassador for saying.

The 12 cartoons were published by Jyllands-Posten in September. One showed him wearing a turban shaped as a bomb.

Denmark's Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen has refused to apologise, defending the right of free speech and saying he could not influence the media, but he condemned attempts "to demonise people because of religious beliefs".

Many ordinary Saudis have started boycotting Danish products and across the Gulf. Several supermarkets pulled Scandinavian foods off the shelves after consumers complained. In UAE, all the co-ops supermarkets started yesterday boycotting 25 Danish products.

It is so outrageous to see some people so disrespectful to others' beliefs and religions. What kind of freedom is it to show the prophet of Islam and mankind in such a shameful way? This is only a sign of disrespect, dishonor and lack of manners. And not apologizing for this huge crime is even a bigger crime. I say the Denmark government deserved this huge and justified reaction from the Muslim and Arab world.

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EU warns on Danish boycott
Libya closes embassy in Denmark over cartoons (Khaleej Times)
Danes face Muslim boycott over cartoon row (The Age)



Monday, January 30, 2006

EMC Symmetrix DMX-3: World's First Petabyte Storage System (Link)

EMC DMX-3 Petabyte Storage System

Thursday January 26th, 2006: EMC announced that it became the first company to launch a storage array that will hold a full petabyte of data, EMC Symmetrix DMX-3, easily the largest array that EMC manufactures.

The Symmetrix DMX-3 feature a new 500GB drive which means that 2,400 drives must be assembled to get to a petabyte of total capacity. The new, entry-level version of the DMX-3 only requires two cabinets and 96 drives for its 480 TB of capacity, but even so will cost a cool $250,000 (£140,000). This suggests that a fully-packed, nine-cabinet DMX-3 (the picture above) boasting a petabyte of storage could cost up to $4 million!

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EMC launches first petabyte array (ZDNet UK)
EMC’s DMX-3, World’s First Petabyte Storage System (OhGizmo!)



Sunday, January 29, 2006

Souq.com: UAE version of eBay (Link)


Maktoob.com has launched a new website, souq.com, to provide a medium for private sales in the region. The site is designed to allow buyers and sellers to deal without having to to go to international auction sites like eBay.

I truly wish the best of luck to this new online auction. I might try it to sell something just for the sake of experiencing it. I've been using eBay for a while and I can say it doesn't work well for businesses in the Middle East.

At present, the site is only available to users in the UAE and Jordan. However, the firm has plans to expand further. “In the UAE we see ourselves growing extremely fast and our next target is Saudi Arabia”, said Yasir Khan, UAE country manager of Souq.com.

Read Also:
Users bid for better auction site (ITP Technology)
Maktoob launches trade website (AME Info)



Garmin Releases MapSource City Navigator™ Middle East v3 (Link)

Garmin MapSource Middle East v3

I loved v2 and I found it very useful/ I've been waiting for the new version of Garmin MapSource City Navigator Middle East for a very long time. The level of detail in the map of UAE was acceptable, but needs constant update since the country is developing very rapidly. I was so excited to find out that version 3 is finally released ... unfortunately I got disappointed for 2 reasons:

The first reason is that the UAE maps are not updated much. For example, I was looking for a new bridge built in Abu Dhabi, but I couldn't find it in the new version. According to Garmin website, the special about v3 is that it contains more updates on the map of Saudi Arabia ... I think that's about it.

The second reason is the high price! The retail price is ($549.99)!!! I currently own the v2 of the CNME, and I was hoping to purchase only the update CD to upgrade to v3. Looks like Garmin got so greedy and offered only the full version for sale.

Version 3 features include:

  • Now with expanded coverage of Saudi Arabia
  • Updated points of interest such as: food and drink, lodging, border crossings, petrol stations, hospitals and more.
  • Contains detailed maps of select cities and towns in the Middle East — with this purchase, you'll have access to the entire CD-ROM coverage
  • Contains motorways, national and regional thoroughfares and local roads
  • Contains turn restrictions and speed categories
  • Will automatically create point-to-point routes in MapSource and on your compatible Garmin GPS
Update (June 20th, 2006): I just found out that Garmin is offering an update CD for this new version for (US $250) ... still too much!

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

LiTraCon: Light Transmitting Concrete (Link)

Click above for larger image

LiTraCon™ offers the phenomena of light transmitting concrete in form of a widely applicable new building material. LiTraCon™ is a combiantion of optical fibres and fine concrete and can be produced as prefabricated building blocks and panels. Because of their small size the fibres blend into concrete becoming a component of the material like small pieces of aggregate. In this manner, the result is not only having two materials - glass in concrete - mixed, but a third, new material which is homogeneous in its inner structure and on its main surfaces as well.

The glass fibres lead light by points between the two sides. Because of their parallel position the light-information on the brighter side of such a wall appears unchanged on the darker side. Propably the most interesting form of this phenomenon is the sharp display of shadows on the opposing side of the wall. Moreover, the colour of the light remains the same too.

LiTraCon™ was invented by Hungarian architect Áron Losonczi in 2001. “In theory, a wall structure built out of the light-transmitting concrete can be a couple of meters thick as the fibers work without any loss in light up to 20 m,” explained Losonczi. “Load-bearing structures can also be built from the blocks as glass fibers do not have a negative effect on the well-known high compressive strength of concrete. The blocks can be produced in various sizes with embedded heat isolation too.”

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Friday, January 27, 2006

World's Tiniest Fish (7.9mm) Found (Link)

World's Tiniest Fish

The smallest animal with a backbone known to science, a fish from the carp family, has been discovered in the peat swamps of Indonesia. Females grow no bigger than 7.9mm (0.31in) and the male measures up to 10.3mm.

Biologists discovered the fish during an expedition to explore remote forest swamps on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, where the peat water is a hundred times more acidic than rainwater.

Scientists had thought that little if anything could survive in such peat swamps but have been astonished to discover several species of small fish including the latest specimen, named Paedocypris progenetica.

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Scientists Discover World's Smallest Fish (ABC News)
World's tiniest fish identified (BBC News)


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sperm Whale Ambergris Worth More Than Gold ... Literally! (Link)

Sperm Whale Ambergris

Leon Wright and his wife took home a 14.75kg lump of ambergris, found in the innards of sperm whales and used in perfumes after it has been vomited up. Sought after because of its rarity, ambergris can float on the ocean for years before washing ashore. Worth up to (US $20 per gram), Mr Wright's find on a South Australian beach could net his family US$295,000 (£165,300).

Mythologised for thousands of years, ambergris has been referred to as "floating gold" by scientists and scavengers who long for a windfall amid the surf.

Initially, ambergris is a soft, foul-smelling waste matter that floats on the ocean. But years of exposure to the sun and the salt water of the ocean transform the waste into a smooth, exotic lump of compact rock that boasts a waxy feel and a sweet, alluring smell.

The current value for gold is (US $17.93 per gram).

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Google In China But Censored (Link)

Google in China

Internet search giant Google Inc. will block politically sensitive terms on its new China site, bowing to conditions set by Beijing in return for access to the world's number-two Internet market.

The voluntary concessions laid out yesterday by Google, which is launching a China-based search site as it officially enters the market, would parallel similar self-censorship already practiced there by most multinationals and domestic players.

Homegrown giants like Sohu.com Inc. and Baidu.com Inc., along with China sites operated by Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft , all routinely block searches on politically sensitive terms such as the Falun Gong spiritual movement and Taiwan independence.

"In order to operate from China, we have removed some content from the search results available on Google.cn in response to local law, regulation or policy," Andrew McLaughlin, Google's senior policy counsel, said in a statement.

Many would not agree with me when I say that I support Google in this case 100%! Internet search should follow countries' local laws, regulations and policies. I wish other countries have the same will and firmness in demanding that Google should follow their local laws. Some countries don't like porn sites to appear in the search results of their citizens ... I don't see why shouldn't Google comply with some governments' demands of censoring such results. What do you think?

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

2GB Swissbit Swiss Army Knife Drive (Link)

Swissbit 2GB USB Drive

The popular Swiss Army penknife, which some would say has attained almost cult status, is now available with USB stick in the rubyRED and retroALOX versions with a 2 GB storage capacity. This is in addition to the normal tools such as scissors, knife, nail file with screw driver and, in the rubyRED version, also LED light and ballpoint pen. For ease of handling and when traveling by air, the USB storage device can simply be detached.

The new 2GB version is available from February. The recommended retail price including VAT is € 192.00 for the rubyRED and € 186.00 for the retroALOX.

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True Anti-Smoking Campaign (Link)

Anti-Smoking Campaign
Click above for larger image

Now this is what I call a true anti-smoking campaign! Thanks to the Noisy American, I just found out about what I believe is the best and most effective way to warn smokers and those who think about trying smoking about the danger of those cigarettes.

It is not enough to make warnings in words ... pictures can say better than 1000s of words. The pictures above are taken for cigarette packs selling in Thailand and Singapore. This is so brave from the Thai & Singaporean governments and I wish other world countries will follow ... and I'm talking about the pictures warnings.

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Smoker's Warning (The Noisy American)
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Cybernet ZPC-9000: Space-Saving Desktop (Link)

Cybernet ZPC-9000

Cybernet unveiled its new space-saving PC, the ZPC-9000 at the 2006 CES. The ZPC-9000 is actually just keyboard-sized - it's that compact.

Processors up to Pentium 4 HT 3.2 GHz and 2GB of DDR 400MHz memory are offered. You also get Gigabit LAN, a 7-in-1 card reader (a must these days), 2 button touchpad which looks decent and a CD-RW/DVD drive.

The entire PC is fit inside a 104-key keyboard. It not only saves space, but also saves power utilizing only 120W power supply (as compared to 240-300W of desktops). Thanks to the removable hard drive and locking mechanism, you enjoy benefits of added security as well.

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Experimenting With WordPress (Link)


It was a nice experiment indeed and I'm still thinking about switching to WordPress. WordPress is a free publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. After more than a year of working with (Blogger), I just got tired of the lack of features and service they offer. I decided to try something else. I heard so much about WordPress ... so why don't I give it a try? The thing that surprised me is that they made a downloadable package of WordPress that you can download and install very easily in your host server. To run WordPress your host just needs a couple of things:
  • PHP version 4.2 or greater
  • MySQL version 3.23.23 or greater
They recommend Apache or Litespeed as the most robust and featureful server for running WordPress, but any server that supports PHP and MySQL will do.

By installing WordPress in your server, all your comments and blogs are saved in your server and everything can be done without the need to go back to WordPress site.

Some of the special features I found interesting in WordPress is the ability to categorize your blogs, the ability to categorize your blog users to (Administrators, Editors, Contributors, Authors, & Subscribers). Also there are so many designed themes you can choose from for your blog. You can find additional themes for your site in the WordPress theme directory. With WordPress you can manage your links and categorize them and even rate them! And if a program or web site you use allows you to export your links or subscriptions as OPML you may import them easily to WordPress. You have more management and search controls on your blog comments.

Available in WordPress also is the Plugin Management. Plugins extend and expand the functionality of WordPress. Once a plugin is installed, you may activate it or deactivate it. You can find additional plugins for your site in the WordPress plugin directory.

In my opinion, the best feature in WordPress is the search feature. You can search your blogs so fast and with amazing accurate results. It is definitely much better than (Blogger) search for sure.

Finally if you have posts or comments in another system WordPress can import them into your current blog. Currently you can import from (Blogger), (Movable Type Blog), (RSS feed), & (Textpattern Blog).

Click at the link above to see how Fahad Inc. blog looks like in WordPress.


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Test Flights For World Record Landing Attempt: Wingsuit: Minus Parachute! (Link)

Wing-Suit Flight Test

Pioneer B.A.S.E. jumper Jeb Corliss and Go Fast!® - sponsored test pilot Luigi Cani, have paved the way for a world record landing attempt of a wing-suit—minus a parachute. Jeb and Luigi teamed up to gauge speeds and gather data to safely land Jeb’s wing-suit. Testing was critical, as no one has ever survived a landing attempt without a parachute. Jeb flew in free fall donning a parachute alongside Luigi, who was at the controls of the world’s smallest and fastest parachute—known as the ICARUS VX-39. The two were able to gather data using (Garmin GPSMAP 60CS) attached to Luigi that tracked exact forward speeds, exact fall rate and glide angles needed for a safe landing.

After two days of test piloting, Jeb Corliss said landing the wing-suit was possible as early as next year. “We found there is a definite and reasonable speed for a landing attempt sometime next summer. We’re now developing four different types of technologies to land safely—it’s very important to land with zero injuries,” said Corliss after analyzing data from the test flight.

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Belkin CableFree USB Hub Enables Instant Wireless Connectivity of USB Devices (Link)

Belkin CableFree USB Hub
Click above for larger image

Belkin announces its new CableFree USB Hub, the industry’s first USB Hub that does not require a cable to connect to the computer. This Hub allows people to place their laptop anywhere in the room while still maintaining wireless access to their USB devices, such as printers, scanners, hard drives, and MP3 players. This is the first UWB-enabled product to be introduced in the U.S. market. The CableFree USB Hub’s wireless functionality is enabled by Freescale Semiconductor’s Ultra-Wideband technology.

Beginning in early spring 2006, Belkin will offer a four-port hub that will enable immediate high-speed wireless connectivity for any USB device without requiring software. The CableFree USB Hub gives desktop computer users the freedom to place their USB devices anywhere in the room without running long cables. Laptop users gain the freedom to roam wirelessly with their laptop around the room while still maintaining access to their stationary USB devices.

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Lindy's USB Port Lock (Link)

Lindy's USB Port Lock

The simple and effective tool for blocking access to a computers USB port!

With this neat little device, system administrators can physically prevent users from connecting Pen Drives, MP3 Players and other USB Mass Storage Devices to their computers to copy data, introduce viruses etc.

The USB Port Lock is made up of a combined ‘key’ and ‘lock’ assembly which plugs into the USB port. To use, simply plug the ‘keylock’ into the port and release the latch - the lock remains in place! Plug the key back into the lock to remove. Easy!

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NASA's New Horizons: First Mission To Pluto Lifts Off (Link)

NASA's Mission To Pluto
NASA's New Horizons spacecraft on its way to Pluto

Spacecraft separation! The Atlas V launch vehicle has done its job, placing the New Horizons spacecraft on a journey to the edge of the solar system. Liftoff occurred at 2:00:00 p.m. EST (26 minutes ago) from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. New Horizons is now headed for a distant rendezvous with the mysterious planet Pluto almost a decade from now.

The third time was the charm for New Horizons. Two consecutive launch attempts earlier in the week were foiled by high winds at the launch site and a power outage at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Md., which operates the spacecraft now that the mission is underway.

As the first spacecraft to visit Pluto and its moon Charon, New Horizons looks to unlock one of the solar system's last, great planetary secrets. After launch aboard an Atlas V, the New Horizons spacecraft will cross the entire span of the solar system and conduct flyby studies of Pluto and its moon, Charon, in 2015. The seven science instruments on the piano-sized probe will shed light on the bodies' surface properties, geology, interior makeup and atmospheres.

The first 13 months of the mission include spacecraft and instrument checkouts, instrument calibrations and trajectory correction maneuvers. There will also be rehearsals for an encounter with Jupiter in spring 2007, in which the giant planet will provide a slingshot-like gravity boost that could save New Horizons up to three years of flight time. This encounter will be followed by an approximately 8-year interplanetary cruise to Pluto.

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Feds After Google Search Records In Porn Probe (Link)

Feds Seeks Google Search Records

The Bush administration, seeking to revive an online pornography law struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court, has subpoenaed Google Inc. for details on what its users have been looking for through its popular search engine.

Google has refused to comply with the subpoena, issued last year, for a broad range of material from its databases, including a request for 1 million random Web addresses and records of all Google searches from any one-week period, lawyers for the U.S. Justice Department said in papers filed yesterday in federal court in San Jose.

The government contends it needs the data to determine how often pornography shows up in online searches as part of an effort to revive an Internet child protection law that was struck down two years ago by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Mountain View-based company said it opposes releasing the information because it would violate the privacy rights of its users and would reveal company trade secrets.

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CoolIT Systems' USB Beverage Chiller (Link)

CoolIT Systems' USB Beverage Chiller

The CoolIT USB Beverage Chiller is the only way to keep your drink cold while you’re at your computer. And it looks cool on any desktop!

The next must-have computer accessory is here. With the USB Beverage Chiller at your side, you can keep your beverage chilled and stay at your computer longer.

Just seconds after plugging the chiller into your computer’s USB port (no external outlet needed), the coldplate chills to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, the perfect temperature for keeping your beverage chilled.

  • Plugs into your computer’s USB port
  • Coldplate chills to 45˚F
  • Keeps your beverage cold
Is this a "Must Have" PC accessory or what? What do you think?

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Internet Explorer Vs. FireFox Visitors to FAHAD.COM (Link)

IE vs. FireFox Visitors
click above for a larger image

It was really surprising for me to make this comparison between (fahad.com) visitor's browsers during the last three months. Why only the last three months? It's because three months ago, I started receiving web site statistical data from (Google Analytics). It was a huge trend I noticed to see the percentage of IE visitors dropping from 82.56% in November 2005 to 69.21% in January 2006. Comparing this to FireFox, the percentage of FireFox visitors climbed from 14.72% in November 2005 to 26.68% in January 2006!

I think Mircrosoft should be very concerned about the popularity of its Internet Explorer. Would those data change their slope when Internet Explorer 7 is out? Only the future will tell ...

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Memsen Click N' Share, PhoneDrive, ActiveDrive, FileLinker, & VaccineDrive Flash USB Drives (Link)

Take a look at this line of Memsen Flash Drives. Memsen is showing new creative ways to use a Flash Drive in addition to being the normal storage media:

Memsen Click N' Share

Memsen Click N' Share: allowing consumers to store, retrieve, and share digital information without the need for a PC.

Memsen PhoneDrive

Memsen PhoneDrive: makes it possible to make Free PC-to-PC calls, with storage capacity for your computer files.

Memsen ActiveDrive

Memsen ActiveDrive: allows you to create a familiar computing environment (same as home or office) from any PC anywhere.

Memsen FileLinker

Memsen FileLinker: allows you to freely copy, delete, and create files or data from any remote computer system to your local computer and vise versa.

Memsen VaccineDrive

Memsen VaccineDrive: combines the latest anti-virus engine in a USB Flash Drive. When user transfers file from computer to Vaccinedrive or vice versa, embedded engine checks any harmful viruses. It removes All spyware and adware from computer and Vaccinedrive.



FireFox 2.0 Alpha Due Next Month (Link)

FireFox 2.0

An alpha version of Firefox 2.0 should be released as a public beta next month. Although part of the long standing roadmap for the open source browser, the timetable was confirmed by the publication of the minutes of the Mozilla.org staff meeting held earlier this month.

While the team say that the alpha will not be feature complete, among the improvements slated to appear are better access to History and Bookmark pages, improvements to the tabbed browsing and other user interface enhancements. The team also hopes to fully integrate RSS functionality so that adding feeds is a smoother process than the current rather hit or miss method.

Mozilla website showed the following roadmap for FireFox (this is, as always, subject to change):

FireFox 2.0a: To be released Q1 2006 (pre-feature complete alpha)
FireFox 2.0b: To be released early Q2 2006 (feature complete beta)
FireFox 2.0rc(s): To be released late Q2 2006
FireFox 2.0: To be released late Q2/early Q3 2006 (Final Release)
FireFox 3.0: Earliest release Q1 2007

Read Also:
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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Design For Jamarat Bridge In Mina, Saudi Arabia (Link)

Jamarat Bridge New Design

A few days after the annual hajj ended on a tragic note, Saudi authorities swang into action pulling down the Jamarat Bridge as part of a wider revamp project to stave off deadly stampedes in the future.

"The first stage of the projected overhaul of Jamarat bridge in Mina began on Saturday and will be completed and ready for next year's hajj," Reuters reported on Sunday, January 15, quoting Osama Al-Bar, who heads a government center helping organize hajj.

Saudi authorities had already said the Jamarat Bridge would be replaced with an elaborate system of entrances and exits, including a subway, which will cost 4.2 billion riyals ($1.12 billion).

The first stage of the three-year project, which will be ready for the next hajj, involves a two-storey bridge and an underground emergency exit for pilgrims and ambulances.

More than 5,000 workers will be involved and a large factory has already been set up near Jeddah to manufacture concrete blocks for the project. The new bridge will have four floors with 12 entrances and 12 exits. The Jamarat Bridge will be widened by 20 meters to allow the devil-stoning for 250,000 Muslims pilgrims per hour, Al-Bar said.

"The new Jamarat bridge will be equipped with a system allowing automated system to remove stones from the basins," he told the London-based Saudi-owned daily Asharq Alawsat.

"It will also include an automated cleaning system as well as an advanced emergency system."

You can also view some more pictures of the new design:
Jamarat 1 - Jamarat 2 - Jamarat 3 - Jamarat 4 - Jamarat 5

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Why Mecca's Pilgrims Need Engineering, Not Just Prayer (The New York Times)
Jamarat ramp being demolished to build new one (Khaleej Times)


Elumens VisionStation: Portable 3D Viewing System (Link)

Elumens VisionStation

The VisionStation by Elumens is a 3D immersive viewing system with a wide range of applications.

The VisionStation can be used with applications from many different areas of endeavor. Simulation and training, oil and gas exploration, product presentation and entertainment applications will all benefit from the use of an Elumens VisionStation visualization system.

Standard flat-screen applications can display a field of view (FOV) of no more than 60°. The Elumens VisionStation allows for a fully immersive display of 160°. The VisionStation's ultra-wide FOV creates an amazing sense of space and depth, without need for goggles or glasses. The large size of the VisionStation screen (1.5 meters) also helps promote an excellent sense of immersive 3D.


Monday, January 16, 2006

NASA's Stardust Capsule Returned To Earth After 2.88 Billion Miles Mission (Link)

NASA Stardust

A spacecraft that could be a time capsule carrying the history of the solar system made a predawn landing in a muddy Utah desert yesterday, completing a seven-year journey of 2.88 billion miles with a fiery, pinpoint descent to Earth.

NASA's Stardust sample return mission returned safely to Earth when the capsule carrying cometary and interstellar particles successfully touched down at 2:10 a.m. Pacific time (3:10 a.m. Mountain time) in the desert salt flats of the U.S. Air Force Utah Test and Training Range.

"Ten years of planning and seven years of flight operations were realized early this morning when we successfully picked up our return capsule off of the desert floor in Utah," said Tom Duxbury, Stardust project manager at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. "The Stardust project has delivered to the international science community material that has been unaltered since the formation of our solar system."

The cannister containing the precious dust won't be opened until it reaches NASA's Johnson Space Centre in Houston on Tuesday. Only then will it be known if the mission was a complete success.

Read Also:
NASA's Comet Tale Draws to a Successful Close in Utah Desert (NASA)
Capsule Carrying Interstellar Samples Lands Safely (The New York Times)

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Royal Vista EZVue USB Flash Drive (Link)

Royal Vista EZVue USB Flash Drive

Royal Consumer Information Products announced at the 2006 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, NV the launch of a brand new category of innovative USB 2.0 Flash/Jump drives with a scrollable window display enabling consumers to view stored file names without a computer connection. On-the-go consumers can now easily ensure they are traveling with the right storage disks.



Sunday, January 15, 2006

Avesto Displays For Smart Cards (Link)

Avesto Displays For Smart Cards

Display enabled smart cards represent a powerful new tool for card issuers and brand owners. Display cards provide issuers with the ability to interact in new, meaningful ways with end customers and to deliver important messages and real-time feedback. Together with its partners – leading card brands, issuers and converters – Aveso is developing display systems for a range of smart card products that usher in a new era of enhanced security and functionality.

Display-enabled credit cards of the future will provide card issuers a cost-effective means to deliver strong authentication tools to a broad consumer base, in a convenient and familiar form factor. Aveso displays, integrated into credit cards, will display a unique verification code or One Time Password (OTP) for each transaction, rendering a static credit card number useless. The solution, enabled by Aveso’s printed electronic displays, will help card issuers address the burgeoning costs of credit card fraud and identity theft, while providing peace of mind to the consumer.

Read Also:
Credit Cards with Digital Displays (Strange New Products)


Optimus Keyboard: Displaying Its Functions On Its Keys! (Link)

Optimus Keyboard

Every key of the Optimus keyboard is a stand-alone display showing exactly what it is controlling at this very moment. Optimus is good for any layouts—Cyrillic, Ancient Greek, Georgian, Arabic—and so on to infinity: notes, numerals, special symbols, HTML codes, mathematical functions.

According to Optimus website, the keyboard is in it’s initial stage of productionand hopefully it will be released in 2006. It will cost less than a good mobile phone. It will support any language or layout and each key could be programmed to produce any sequence. It will be an open-source keyboard.

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Mozilla Released Final Version Of Thunderbird 1.5 Email Client (Link)

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla on Thursday released version 1.5 of its Thunderbird email client, touting a raft of new features aimed at both security and usability.

The new Thunderbird offering comes some six weeks after version 1.5 of Mozilla's Firefox browser debuted. Some of the new features made available in Thunderbird today are common to both new pieces of software.

Like Firefox, Thunderbird now features an automated update tool, where previously users had to download point upgrades manually. This may reduce the amount of data which needs to be downloaded for each update.

The email client can also now handle podcasts and has improved general support for RSS. Those with limited storage space will enjoy the new ability to delete attachments from stored email.

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Microsoft Unveils MSN AdCenter Beta (Link)

MSN AdCenter

Microsoft has been developing its AdCenter tool for more than a year. Yesterday, the company demonstrated 15 of 40 prototypes during its AdCenter Demo Fest at its headquarters in Redmond, Wash.

AdLab has more than 50 researchers currently working on about 40 advertising technologies, the company said. Among the technologies highlighted at the event is a "video hyperlink ad" that can detect a product displayed on a television screen during a show or commercial. Consumer can then zoom into the product and click through to a detailed description and information on where it can be bought.

Ying Li of Microsoft AdCenter in Redmond, and Jian Wang of Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing will jointly run the lab.

Microsoft's AdCenter is currently being tested in the United States, and is expected to launch in the spring. The service is the linchpin of Microsoft's strategy for catching up with rivals Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc. in the multi-billion-dollars advertising market linked online search.

The following is what the MSN website said about MSN AdCenter ...

"Would you like to create advertisements that have the potential to reach 41 million people? That's how many people visit MSN Search each month to search on a variety of products and services1. MSN adCenter is the new online advertising platform that allows you to advertise on MSN Search. It's in pilot mode, currently, and to participate, you have to be invited. Register today to be considered for the MSN adCenter pilot."

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Sink That Cooks! (Link)

KOHLER Pro CookCenter

This PRO CookCenter self-rimming sink is an ideal remodeler's upgrade, offering all the functions of a standard sink plus steaming, boiling, poaching, blanching and other water-based cooking. Crafted of KOHLER Cast Iron, the sink also functions as a spacious cleanup basin able to accommodate large pots and pans. This model features a two-hole faucet drilling.

This CookCenter is perfect for those who have small kitchens ... and those who don't want to move around alot ... :)


Friday, January 13, 2006

Philips MiraVision: Weird But Cool! (Link)

Philips MiraVision

Imagine this .... You don't have to have a mirror in your bedroom. Just put Philips MiraVision in the place of the convensional mirror and there you go! Now you can turn that mirror into a flat TV and stare at it longer than you would on an ordinary mirror :) Weird ... but cool :)

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Heliodisplay M2: Mid-Air Video Projector (Link)

Heliodisplay M2: Mid-Air Video Projector

The M2 is IO2 Technology's second-generation free-space Heliodisplay. The Heliodisplay platform projects video into mid-air to serve a wide range of uses. The M2i interactive model, based on free-air tracking technology, allows for finger and hand cursor control of video and data. Heliodisplay systems have been deployed by some of the world's largest companies, such as automobile firms, defense contractors, as well as by governments and universities.


MailNation Solutions: The World's First 1000GB Email Service! (Link)


Can you believe this? MailNation offers free 1000GB Email services with webmail access, 10MB attachment limit, instant messaging between system users, email protections by Norton (R), Mcafee (R) and Sophos (R)., choice of two domains and 99.5% Uptime Guarantee!

Not only that ... if you join the advantage club by paying $29.99 USD only one-time, you will get all the services mentioned above plus POP3 and IMAP access (with SSL), Calendar/Notes/Tasks function for organization, SMTP Access (with SSL and Alternate Port), 50MB Attachment Limit, Priority Support (Response time averages 4 hours - with most under 20 minutes), choice of 13 domains to choose from, and 99.7% uptime Guarantee!

The following is a published message from the president of MailNation Solutions:

" MailNation Solutions developed after years of exhaustive competition in the Emailing industry. Small email companies have come and go, while large email companies such as Gmail (R), Hotmail (R), and Yahoo! Mail (R) have dominated. Privacy policies with major companies are weak, reliability remains questioned, and features are lacking. Attachment sizes remain small and restrictive, and ads plague certain email systems.

It is for this reason that MailNation Solutions was started. We provide a completely free starter service with an ad-free and simple to use interface. If you are satisfied, you can certainly upgrade. See the bottom of this page for more details!"
-Vincent Liou. President and Chief Executive Officer.

Would you give it a try?



Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Google Video (Link)

The Google Video Store was online late Monday after being announced Friday by Google Co-Founder Larry Page in the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show.

You can view a wealth of content for free in Google Video. Other videos are available for download at various prices set by the content owners.

You can also upload videos of your own for free, and without any restrictions on size or length. However, if you elect to charge other users to view your video, Google will assess a small revenue share to cover infrastructure costs.

There are no access, setup, or other fees to use Google Video. But in order to upload video, you'll have to create a Google Account or use your existing Google Account.

The good news (for some at least) is that Google Video does not allow videos that include pornography or obscenity.

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SecurityDR™ Data Guard™ Thumbdrive Lock (Link)

SecurityDR™ Data Guard™ Thumbdrive Lock

At their display in the Consumer Electronics Show, Computer accessory company Digital Innovations has revealed the SecurityDR Data Guard Thumbdrive Lock, a combination lock for USB keys.

The SecurityDR™ Data Guard™ is the perfect accessory tor fighting the war against identity theft. Compact and easy to use, the Data Guard™ locks onto any standard USB thumbdrive and prevents unwanted use or viewing of confidential files. The Data Guard™ features a rugged metal design, as well as a user-settable, 3-dial combination lock that, once engaged, prevents unwanted access to your thumbdrive. The Data Guard™’s portable design enables you to take it everywhere you take your thumbdrive.

The Data Guard fits right onto any USB Plug, securely locking it in place. Anyone who doesn't know the lock's three-digit combination can't access the thumbdrive's plug without possibly damaging it. The Data Guard costs US$15.

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Seagate Shows Demo Wireless USB Hard Drive (Link)

Seagate Wireless Hard Drive

Besides capacity increase and the upcoming introduction of mass market perpendicular recording, there is typically very little excitement that hard drive storage manufacturers can contribute to consumer electronics. Still, Seagate surprised with two interesting concepts that simply make sense.

On Seagate display at the Consumer Electronics Show was a 1.8-inch harddrive, encased in a shiny aluminum casing that was equipped with a Wireless USB chipset. The device was functional, but the only prototype Seagate has built so far. According to Rob Pait, director of global consumer electronics marketing for the company, W-USB are very short in supply and pretty much are hand built. He mentioned that Seagate had received the W-USB chipset used in the drive on display was received by his company around Christmas time.

While mass production is expected to be about 12 months away, the concept is very convincing. The drive can be accessed from any portable device with W-USB capability, which is likely to be also offered for today's devices in the shape of PC, USB sticks or multifunctional memory cards.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dell Introduces XPS 600 Renegade (Link)

Dell XPS 600 Renegade

At CES, Dell unveiled the latest entry in its gaming and enthusiast XPS line. The new XPS, dubbed "Renegade," is a special limited-edition configuration that breaks the XPS mold in a number of ways. This is an ultra-high-end computer aimed and buyers for whom money is no object.

The new system sports a red flaming paint job that makes it stand out from every other Dell computer, but it's the inside components that are most interesting. The Renegade's CPU is a dual-core Pentium 4 Extreme Edition, mode 955, overclocked from the factory to a whopping 4.26GHz. The standard hard drive configuration is two 10,000 RPM 150GB Raptor drives, for which Dell has the first large volume availability. The system is cooled by the standard XPS 600 cooling system, though it will use a more powerful power supply, perhaps one from Dell's workstation line.

Most exciting is the new graphics configuration. This new limited edition XPS uses no less than four GeForce 7800 GTX 512MB graphics cards. That's right, it's quad graphics. Two of the cards are plugged into two x16 PCIe graphics slots in the nForce 4 based custom Dell motherboard, and the other two slave off those two. The GeForce 7800 GTX 512MB cards are custom made for Dell, and run at a slightly lower clock speed than standard 7800 GTX 512MB cards, but higher than the 256MB cards. The point of all this graphics power? To drive Dell's new 30" ultra hi-res LCD monitor, which sports a resolution of 2560x1600.

The following are the specs as mentioned in Dell website:
  • Quad NAVIDIA SLI Technolgy - Dual 1GB NVIDIA Geforce 7800 SLI Graphics cards.
  • NVDIA NForce 4 SLI X16
  • Intel Pentium Extreme Edition Dual-Core 955 W?HT overclocked to 4.26 GHz
  • 2GB Dual-Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667 MHz
  • Custom paint job by Mike Lavallee of Killer Paint.
  • Signed by Mike Lavallee & Michel Dell
  • Additional Gear from Logitech, Western Digital, Klipsch, Saitek, Plextor, and Creative.
Dell anticipates shipping the new XPS system by the end of January, with prices ranging from about $4,000 to 7,000 plus, depending on display and other options.


Pretec Introduces The 4GB i-Disk Touch: The Largest Capacity Fingerprint USB Flash Drive in the World (Link)

Pretec 4GB i-Disk Touch

Pretec Electronics Corp., has announced yesterday the largest capacity fingerprint USB flash storage device in the world today; “i-Disk Touch”, a multi-function 4GB USB flash storage device with fingerprint biometrics security, at the 2006 International CES.



Saturday, January 07, 2006

Google Unveils Google Pack (Link)

Google Pack

Google is distributing a free software startup kit designed to make computing safer and easier - a generous gesture driven by the company's desire to steer technology offline as well as online.

The software bundle, unveiled today in Las Vegas during a speech by Google co-founder Larry Page in 2006 International CES, represents the Internet search engine leader's latest jab at industry kingpin Microsoft Corp.

The suite of programs is designed to make it easier to install and maintain basic applications that have helped turn the PC into a hub of information, entertainment and communications. The software included are:

Google Software:
  • Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer
  • Google Desktop
  • Google Talk
  • Google Pack Screensaver
  • Picasa
  • Google Earth
  • Google Video Player
Additional Software:
  • Mozilla FireFox with Google Toolbar
  • Norton AniVirus 2005 Special Edition
  • GalleryPlayer HD Images
  • Adobe Reader 7
  • Ad-Aware SE Personal
  • Trillian
  • RealPlayer
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Friday, January 06, 2006

DARPA's Radar Scope: New Device Will Sense Through Concrete Walls (Link)

DARPA's Radar Scope

Troops conducting urban operations soon will have the capabilities of superheroes, being able to sense through 12 inches of concrete to determine if someone is inside a building.

The new "Radar Scope", developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), will give warfighters searching a building the ability to tell within seconds if someone is in the next room, Edward Baranoski from the DARPA's Special Projects Office, told the American Forces Press Service.

By simply holding the portable, handheld device up to a wall, users will be able to detect movements as small as breathing, he said.

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SanDisk Introduces Cruzer Crossfire USB Smart Drives For Console And PC Video Gaming (Link)

SanDisk Cruzer Crossfire

SanDisk® Corporation today introduced a gaming-oriented USB smart drive – the SanDisk Cruzer Crossfire™ – to serve the needs of console and PC video gamers. The announcement was made at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where SanDisk is demonstrating several new products at Booth 30329, Level 3 of the South Hall in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The SanDisk Cruzer Crossfire will be available in four color-coded capacities: 512 megabytes (MB) in green, 1 gigabyte (GB) in white, 2GB in black and 4GB* in blue. The drive comes with an attractive metallic lanyard that attaches to a snap-on cap. When connected to a USB-enabled device, the Crossfire’s indicator light pulses lime-green.



SanDisk Adds "U3 Smart" USB Flash Drives To Its Cruzer Line So Consumers Can Take Their "Personal Workspace" with Them (Link)

SanDisk Cruzer Crossfire
New SanDisk Cruzer Titanium

SanDisk Cruzer Crossfire
New SanDisk Cruzer Cruzer

This is another announcement and another surprise from SanDisk during the CES show in Las Vegas.

SanDisk® Corporation today announced a significant enhancement to its line of award-winning Cruzer® Micro and Cruzer Titanium USB flash drives. The two models feature a sleek new design and include software that turns them into ‘U3 smart drives’ so users can access their “personal workspace”—software programs, personal preferences, personal files and data as well as the means for managing them within a highly secure environment—on any personal computer running Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2000. The new Cruzer models were unveiled at a press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show where SanDisk is demonstrating products.

The Cruzer Micro will be available in capacities that range from 512-megabytes (MB) to 4-gigabytes (GB), while capacities for the Cruzer Titanium will be 1GB and 2GB.

The new Cruzer products are preloaded with four free U3-smart programs:

  • SKYPE for Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities (Cruzer customers will receive 30 free SkypeOut minutes for free PC to landline calls worldwide to any phone at any time)
  • Avast! Antivirus software
  • SignUp Shield™ password vault
  • CruzerSync™, which synchronizes with Outlook data.
The new Cruzer Micro will be available March 2006, while the new Cruzer Titanium will be available April 2006.



SanDisk Introduces Sansa e200 series & Sansa c100 series MP3 Players (Link)

SanDisk Sansa e200
SanDisk Sansa e200 series

SanDisk Sansa c100
SanDisk Sansa c100 series

SanDisk® introduced today its top-of-the-line SanDisk Sansa™ e200 MP3 player with a large color screen and 6-gigabytes (GB) of storage capacity that makes it ideal for listening to music or viewing photos and personal videos. The company also introduced the Sansa c100, a value-conscious MP3 player with a color screen and compact size. Both families were unveiled at a press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show where SanDisk is demonstrating products.

The Sansa e200 series features a slim new design and a 1.8-inch (4.572 cm) TFT color screen (QCIF+) along with high-quality audio, photo viewing and video playback capabilities. It offers an industry-leading, 6GB capacity that holds more than 1,400 MP3 songs2. It is also available in 2 and 4GB models. Its large color screen is ideal for easily viewing playlists, photos and personal videos.

The Sansa e200 includes other features to enhance the listening and viewing experience.
These include:
  • Icon-based menu for easy navigation
  • Slideshow function to conveniently view photos and play music simultaneously
  • FM tuner with on-the-fly recording to save your favorite songs or programs
  • microSD™ expansion slot for additional memory capacity and support for SanDisk TrustedFlash™ and gruvi™ content cards that can be shared with mobile phones
  • Universal accessory connector for the easy addition of future accessories.
The Sansa e200 series will be available in March in the U.S. and Europe.

The Sansa c100 series is for the value-conscious consumer who wants a high-quality, large capacity music player with a color screen. It is available in 1- and 2GB capacities.

The Sansa c100 series will be available in March in the U.S. and Europe.


FireFox + BitTorrent = AllPeers ? (Link)


AllPeers, a company based in the UK, has developed a peer-to-peer tool for the open source browser, which it claims is "the best thing to happen to Firefox...since Firefox."

"AllPeers is a free extension which combines the strength of Firefox and the efficiency of BitTorrent to transform your favorite browser into a media sharing powerhouse," states the company Web site.

The extension is will be available "soon", according to the company, which has posted screenshots on its Web site showing the tool's interface.

I think this is going to be a big boost for Mozilla FireFox and it will make even more people switch to this wonderful web browser. I signed with my email to be notified when "AllPeers" is available for download ... :)

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Kodak Unviels The World's First Dual Lens Digital Camera (Link)

Kodak announced yesterday that its new V570 digital camera, with both an optical zoom and a wide angle lens, will be available this month for $400.

Kodak is billing the V570 as the world's first dual-lens camera. The V570, capable of 5-megapixel shots, will be on display this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, according to a company news release.

Using what it calls the "ultra-wide view" in panorama scene mode, the V570 will automatically compile a 180-degree photo by combining three separate ones, Kodak says.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sheikh Maktoum, Ruler Of Dubai, Died Today (Link)

His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE’s Vice President and Prime Minister, died today at the age of 62 in Australia. He was immediately succeeded by his younger brother, the crown prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

"The United Arab Emirates today lost a historical leader who devoted his life to establishing the United Arab Emirates and enhancing its structure and the welfare of its people," the government said in a statement.

Also the Dubai Shopping Festival, that was due to start today, has been cancelled due to the sudden death of Sheikh Maktoum. Officials said to await a further announcement about the event.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

According to LA Times: Google To Announce Google PC At The 2006 International CES (Link)

Google PC @ Wal Mart?

According to LA Times, Google will unveil its own low-price personal computer or other device that connects to the Internet.

Sources say Google has been in negotiations with Wal-Mart Stores Inc., among other retailers, to sell a Google PC. The machine would run an operating system created by Google, not Microsoft's Windows, which is one reason it would be so cheap — perhaps as little as a couple of hundred dollars.

Larry Page, Google's co-founder and president of products, will give a keynote address Friday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Analysts suspect that Page will use the opportunity either to show off a Google computing device or announce a partnership with a big retailer to sell such a machine.

Can you believe that? Do you think this is going to happen? Let us wait until Friday and see :)



UAE Forever Dishes Is Back! (Link)

Fahad Inc. Dishes

Avo R. is a web searchers who was looking for the old dishes site I used to host in (uaeforever.com). He emailed me looking for the book I was referencing to in my site. Because of his email, I decided to re-publish the (UAE Forever Dishes) under the new title (Fahad Inc. Dishes).

I closed the (UAE Forever Dishes) about 4 years ago as part of shutting down the whole (uaeforever.com) because of its outdated information. But I guess food recipes don't get old. I realized that because of Avo's email ,,, so thanks Avo :)

You can see a link to the dishes page in the left frame of (fahad.com). So ... Everybody ... Enjoy! :)



Monday, January 02, 2006

Creative Labs Unveils "Creative Zen Vision: M" (Link)

Creative Zen Vision: M

Creative Labs is showing no signs of slowing in its pursuit of Apple Computer's iPod market share, with the introduction of the Vision:M video-capable MP3 player.

The 30GB device features a 2.5-inch high-resolution color screen that the company claims is able to display four times the color of the video iPod. And at four hours, its video playback time is double that of Apple's.

The Vision:M supports MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and WMV video formats, among others, as well as TiVoToGo and digital photos. In addition to video, the device is compatible with all WMA-based music stores, including support for all portable music subscription services.

Other features include an FM radio tuner, voice recording and Microsoft Outlook organizer compatibility, as well as a 15-hour battery. It is available in a variety of colors and sells for about $330 in retail stores and at us.creative.com.

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

EPOS' Digital Pen & USB Flash Drive (Link)

EPOS' Digital Pen & USB Flash Drive

The EPOS Digital Pen & USB Flash Drive bundle is the next generation in USB Flash Drive products. With this unique bundle, EPOS takes both the pen and the USB product one step further in a revolutionary combination that provides a totally portable, wireless PC peripheral pen with flash memory capabilities.

With its miniature form, low battery consumption, and pinpoint-accurate positioning, users can enjoy all the benefits of Flash Disk Memory together with the latest digital pen technology.

Features include:
  • Write and save freely on any paper
  • Store hundreds of pages of information
  • Transfer notes and sketches to a computer
  • Transform written notes to text
  • Use as regular flash memory to store music, image, video files, etc.



Kirtas' APT BookScan 1200™: World's Fastest Book Scanner (Link)

APT BookScan 1200

Ever wondered how Google is going to scan thousands of books in the process of digitizing libraries?

According an essay written by Joseph Huttner, "Google recently implemented a convoy of new machines from Kirtas Technologies called the APT BookScan 1200, which is capable of scanning up to 1200 pages per hour (Kirtas Technologies). The machine works by utilizing a 16-megapixel digital camera to photograph each page, then transfers the image to local storage. Then, a robotic arm gently turns the page of the book, and the process is completed for each additional page. The digital images are then ‘cleaned’ to remove smudges and other errors, cropped, and centered. At this point, the image can be posted online, but "searching through the text is impossible".

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