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Thursday, June 30, 2005

30 Days (Link)

Although I have not watched the show yet, main reason is that I don't have Cable TV or Satellite dish in my apartment, .... but the idea of this show seems very interesting to me!

You might remember Morgan Spurlock from the documentary movie (Super Size Me). The show presents different people with different ways of life to experiment. He also has his own blog! See it at:


Just to give you an idea ... some of the episodes are:

  • Can a man and his wife survive for 30 days on minimum wage? How long would you last earning $5.15 an hour?
  • A Christian agrees to live for 30 days in a large Muslim community.
  • A former athlete goes on anti-aging drugs prescribed by an MD for 30 days to reverse his aging process.
  • Two American friends learn to live without the natural resources that might be depleted from the earth in the not-too-distant future.

    Morgan Spurlock has a blog too, so visit it and read some of his writings if you have time :)
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    SanDisk Introduces FlashCP Cruzer USB (Link)

    SanDisk announced yesterday the born of FlashCP Cruzer USB!

    FlashCP Cruzer USB, a unique proprietary content processing technology designed to let students easily and safely download and store their textbooks, novels, learning tools and more on a USB flash drive while protecting the copyrighted content of publishers.

    FlashCP Cruzer USB drives will be launching at selected U.S. retailers for the coming school year.



    New NY World Trade Center tower design unveiled! (Link)

    Daniel Libeskind and David Childs were able to meet a deadline set by New York Governor George Pataki and the results were unveiled Friday June 24th.

    "The Freedom Tower," will retain the height of the earlier design at 1,776 feet, symbolizing the year the United States declared its independence. The new design will also include reminders of the twin towers it will replace.

    The new construction timetable calls for the steel frame to rise above street level in 2007 and be topped out in 2009, with the tower ready for occupancy in 2010.



    Tuesday, June 28, 2005

    Octave Systems Multipod 5 in 1 USB! (Link)

    Octave Multipod 5-in-1

    This sounds like a very cool gadget indeed! It would be a very convenient way to carry one small device (size of a pack of gum) that can do 5 different things! The 5 are:
    1. Video Recorder - Capture up to 12 minutes of video with sound.
    2. Digital Camera - Take up to 3,000 pictures.
    3. 128MB of Data Storage - Use it as an external drive for your PC or Laptop. Great for moving files about.
    4. Web Cam – Connect with others far away.
    5. Voice Recorder – Record notes or an entire meeting! Up to 55 minutes.
    The list price is (US $139.00). I might buy one one day!

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    The Machinist (Link)

    You might know (Christian Bale) from (Batman Begins), (Equilibrium), & (American Psycho). In this 2004 movie, I was amazed how much weight this actor lost for his excellent performance role. In the movie he weighed 120 lbs! You can read the movie reviews by clicking at this link:


    Christian Bale plays a role of a machinist who did not sleep for a year! I liked the story and the ending.


    Smoke Signals ... To Quit Smoking! (Link)

    I'm not sure how effective is this invention. It is a great blessing from Allah that I am not a smoker!

    According to the site, SmokeSignals tracks a person's smoking patterns to build his unique Quit Plan. Then it begins beeping and flashing when time to have a cigarette.

    Then, it gradually reduces your cigarettes and spreads them evenly across the day in a way that breaks up your habits.

    I don't think there is anyway I can test the performance of this invention ;)


    Beluga: The Super Transporter! (Link)

    The most voluminous cargo hold of any civil or military aircraft flying today!

    The Beluga (also known as the A300-600ST Super Transporter) was developed to carry complete sections of Airbus aircraft from different production sites around Europe to the final assembly lines in Toulouse or Hamburg.

    Its main-deck cargo volume is greater than the C5 Galaxy, the An-124 or the C-17 airlifters!


    Friday, June 24, 2005

    I drove Hummer H3 Today!

    It was amazing! I never thought that I will get a chance to drive a Hummer H3 ... but I did drive one today! It was a rental car and it looks exactly like the picture above ... yeah, a red one! It was a nice experience indeed! ;)



    Liger! (Link)

    Today is the first time I learn about the existance of such an animal! A Liger is the offspring of a lion father and a tiger mother. Ligers can stand 12 feet tall on their hind legsand may weigh in at half a ton, up to double the weight of a fully-grown Amur tiger!


    Thursday, June 23, 2005

    Dell Precision Workstation 670: Dream On! (Link)

    Dream on, Fahad! I have surfed through Dell website and I have customized my dream Workstation (Dell Precision Workstation 670) and added some "above average" options. The total price came out to be only (US $35,505.00)! Hmmm, this price is without adding tax .... the total then would be ... (US $38,434.16)! Some of the the workstation specifications are:

  • 4 x 300GB Hard Drives.
  • 2 x Inter Xeon Processors 3.60GHz
  • 16GB DDR2 SDRAM Memory.
  • 2 x Dell 24 inch UltraSharp™ 2405FP Widescreen monitors.

    Click here to take a look at more detailed specifications.

    What a nice dream .... Far far away dream ... ! ;)
  • -->

    Wednesday, June 22, 2005

    Garmin Forerunner 301 (Link)

    This personal training GPS system monitors your heart rate, speed, distance, elevation, pace and calories burned. Not only is it useful for runners, but it can also be applied to biking, hiking, and any other sport where knowing your speed, distance, heart rate, and pace are important. The Forerunner's supplied software also lets you set up interval training, use preloaded workouts, and plot your course on a map. I have a friend of mine who have tried this cool gadget and he likes it very much. Maybe one day I will get one to be my personal trainer ... it would be much better than a human one! ;p



    Thursday, June 16, 2005

    CATIA V5 by Dassault Systemes : Imagine Your Design! (Link)

    It is so amazing how the engineering design technology has advanced! It became so easy to create your designs, visualize different shapes and colors and even visualize the design at work! Click at the link to view the short presentation to see what I mean :)


    No Tape, No Disc! New JVC Camcorders Feature Large Capacity, Built-in Hard Disk Drives. (Link)

    JVC announced June 14th a new series of camcorders that eliminates the need to carry tapes, discs or any media at all, yet can record up to seven hours of DVD movie-quality video. They also record more than 10.5 hours comparable to a DVD camcorder’s 30-minute mode. The models are GZ-MG50 /GZ-MG30 /GZ-MG40 /GZ-MG20. The hard drive memory are between 20GB to 30GB and the suggested retail price is between (US $800-$1000).


    Wednesday, June 15, 2005

    Democracy a 'bad word': Microsoft censors blogs at its new Chinese portal! (Link)

    You know what? I don't blame the Chinese at all! With all that happens all over the word in the name of Democracy .... Of course Democracy is a bad word!


    Monday, June 13, 2005

    (uaeforever.com), (uaeforever.net), (uaeforever.org) are Now Pointing to Fahad Inc.! (Link)

    Now if you try to access (uaeforever.com), (uaeforever.net), (uaeforever.org) you will be accessing (fahadinc.com) instead! I was susprised when I found that (uaeforever.com) ranks (5/10) according to Google's PageRank although the site has been dead for so long! It is sad that many people try to access (uaeforever) and reach a dead end. People now will know that (uaeforever) has become (fahadinc.com)!


    Sunday, June 12, 2005

    Optware to Release 30GB Holographic Card for (US ¢92) at the End of 2006! (Link)

    Optware Corp., a developer of holographic data storage systems, is planning to release a Holographic Versatile Card (HVC) media product around the end of 2006. The card capacity is expected to be 30GB. The company aims to price the product around (US ¢92)! Optware also intends to set the price of a reader device lower than (US $1,841) and a reader/writer device lower than (US $9,210)!

    Very efficient way to save, store, and manage data ... I'm talking for business use! What do you think? ;)


    Friday, June 10, 2005

    Google Store! (Link)

    If you are a big fan of Google, like me & Marwan, then you should visit Google's Store! For people in the United States, Google doesn't charge for standard shipping and tax! So ... are you gonna buy some Google goodies?



    Thursday, June 09, 2005

    USB Flash Drive Alliance! (Link)

    It was weird and funny for me at the same time to find out about this new kind of alliances. According to their site, The alliance was launched to educate consumers about the exceptional portability, capacity, and utility of USB flash drives. I'm surprised that (SanDisk) is not included in the alliance. Is this just an educational alliance or a business alliance? I don't know ... I will wait and see :)



    Cathay Pacific Airways named as World's Best Airline 2005 (Link)

    June 7th ... Cathay Pacific had done it again and won the World's Best Airline for the second time! I don't know what is happening to Emiates Airlines ... Emirates was in first place in 2001 & 2002 .... they stepped back to second place in 2003 & 2004 ... Now they stepped back again to third place in 2005! I hope we are going to do something about it! ;p

    Previous Top Ranked Airlines:

    The World's Top Airlines – 2004 1. Singapore Airlines 2. Emirates 3. Cathay Pacific 4. Qantas 5. Thai Airways

    The World's Top Airlines – 2003 1. Cathay Pacific 2. Emirates 3. Singapore Airlines 4. Malaysia Airlines 5. Qantas

    The World's Top Airlines – 2002 1. Emirates 2. Cathay Pacific 3. Singapore Airlines 4. British Airways 5. Deutsche Lufthansa

    The World's Top Airlines – 2001 1. Emirates 2. Singapore Airlines 3. Cathay Pacific 4. British Airways 5. Thai Airways


    Maxtor Expands Hard Drive Capacity To Half A Terabyte (500GB) (Link)

    Maxtor announced Monday June 6th that the company will be shipping its next-generation 3.5-inch 7200RPM 3.0Gb SATA and ATA 133 hard drives with capacity points up to 500GB in the third quarter of this year! Man .... That is alot of a Hard Drive storage!


    Wednesday, June 08, 2005

    Convert Text to Morse Code Wav File! (Link)

    I just got my function (morse) published on MathWorks File Exchange page. If you are a MATLAB user, you can download the zipped file and run the following example in order to convert text to Morse Code wav file:

    morse('My Name is Fahad','fahad.wav')

    Or if you want to simply play it without creating a wav file, then just write:

    morse('My Name is Fahad')


    Monday, June 06, 2005

    BizarreBids.com: The Weirdest Auctions on eBay! (Link)

    It is amazing what kind of weird auctions you can find online! In (BizarreBids.com) you can find alot of those auctions listed in eBay ... such as (Titanium Toiler Paper), (The Two Thousand Dollar French Fry), (Elvis Tortilla), (Gorilla Rides Camel Cracker), and many more weird auctions!

    Also in case you don't know, there is a category in eBay for (Totally Bizarre) items for bidding or sale! Click here to see what I mean!


    Sunday, June 05, 2005

    Expedia.co.uk: Top 10 Trips for 2005 .... Dubai is the Third! (Link)

    (Expedia.co.uk) had selected Dubai to be one of the top 10 places to visit in 2005. To tell you the truth, I'm not surprised at all! :)


    How much text is in the Library of Congress? And how many Libraries of Congress make (1 YottaByte)? (Link)

    This will make your imagination go wild ... way way wild!
    The Library of Congress is approximatly (5.7 TeraByte) worth of text!
    And it would take 180 billion Libraries of Congress to make (1 YottaByte) ....
    You don't wanna know how many Libraries of Congress would take to make (1 BrontoByte)!!!!!!


    Are you a (Spongebob Squarepants) Fan? (Link)

    I know I am! I just received my 12 DVD's of (Spongebob Squarepants) that contains all the 79 episodes from Seasons 1 & 2. I don't know about you, but I'm a huge fan of this cartoon series! Are you? If you are, I'm sure you will like this link ..


    Free (NavStudio 2005) Software to Design Java Menu for Websites ... Professional Designs & Easy to Use! (Link)

    I was looking for a free software that helps in designing Java menu for websites. I finally came across (NavStudio 2005) from (Open Cube) which is a free software, very easy to use, and with lots of options and features! What is interesting to know that many of the most popular websites have used this software like (FedEx), (Best Buy), (Kellog's), (Citibank), (Direc TV), and (CompUSA) ....


    Friday, June 03, 2005

    How to display your web site logo on the address bar and in the favorites list (Link)

    Many websites have their small logo displayed next to their URL address in the Address bar. It is so easy to include this feature in your website. There are methods to do that. Click at the link above for more details.

    Also you can download the (Bitmap to Icon 3.5) software from:


    I love Avant Browser! (Link)

    I've been using this browser for a couple of days and so far I love it! You really should try this one ... it has so many cool features that are not available in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Thanks to Marwan for letting me know about it!



    Thursday, June 02, 2005

    Special Ops Watch by MTM with Super Bright Light! (Link)

    I'm thinking seriously about buying one of those! The special ops watch is the world's first and only electromagnetic rechargable watch with L.E.D light. The external light mode can be seen up to one mile in the dark, used by tactical teams to light up maps. Also used for survival/distress signal and many other purposes.

    MTM is a manufacturer of wristwatches for government agencies and military in the USA. They now offer a special ops wristwatch designed for the military to consumers.


    Wednesday, June 01, 2005

    Ugly Sunglasses & 512MB MP3 Player at the same time! (Link)

    This looks so ugly! It is not out in the market yet, but soon it will be! Both Sunglasses and MP3 player at the same time. Orders will begin to ship on 2005-06-15. Now you don't have to be bothered with wires and loose connections. The lenses are Flip-up lenses with contours to protect against sun, wind and side impact. The glasses are available in 256MB and 512MB versions. Needless to say, they are not cheap!


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